Wood golems are dangerous constructs created through mysterious druidic rituals. As other golems, they are obedient and mindless servants. While deadly, especially in meele combat, wood golems are vulnerable to fire. While they do not speak, they understand common and druidic.


You see a huge lumbering creature of wood. Its eyes glow with cold blue light, and its joints grow thick with moss and lichen. It creaks as it moves. Across its entire body are a thick coat of tiny wooden spikes, little bigger than toothpicks. Some of the spikes fall out as the creature moves, but they are quick to regrow.


Size/Type Large Construct
Hit Dice 10d10+16 (66 hp)
Initiative -1
Speed 40 ft (8 squares)
Armor Clas 17, touch 8, flat footed 15
Base Attack/Grapple +6/+16
Attack Slam: +11 (1d10+8 + splinters)
Full Attack Two Slams +11 (1d10+8+splinters-only once)
Space/Reach 10 feet/10feet
Special Qualities Construct Traits. Elemental immunity to cold, electricity, sonic. Magic Immunity Except Fire. DR 10/- DR 10/Slashing. Vulnerability to fire.
Saves Fort - 7, Reflex - 3, Will - 3
Alignment Always Neutral
Splinters Reflex DC 14 for half. No save if melee attacking or grappling. Attacking the golem in any way causes splinters to fly out of its body. This is also triggered by the golem making a successful attack against. These splinters deal 1d4 piercing damage to anyone within a 15 foot radius of the golem.
Challenge Rating 7


Wood golems are straightforward and follow orders as any other golem. They typically begin combat by doing one of two things. If against a single opponent they will attempt to grapple and crush their enemy, otherwise they will attack the closest target by slamming into them their using their massive wooden arms.