The city of Thorn, technically capitol of Thorrn, is home to some of the world's best craftsmen, and lies on several trade routes. The city is ruled by a mysterious prophet queen named Saphire, although most people have never met or even seen her.

Politics Edit

The city maintains peace with the barbarians of the north, many believing that the people of tooth better embody what it is to be CAPITAL O, Orc. Despite this peace, many believe that a split of the nation in inevitable as the two cities become more and more distant in their approaches.

Laws and Culture Edit

As with tooth, slavery is common in Thorn, although the city has order maintained by thousands of Stone Golems, of unknown origin. Nobody can recall a time before the army maintained the order, and no records speak of such a time. The prophet queen seems to direct them to do her bidding. While order is always maintained, the city is still mostly lawless. For the most part, the only laws enforced are those against physically stealing goods, and violence in the streets. Many barbarians frequent the city, often seeking fame in the city's great arenas. It is also not uncommon to see Bards and rogues in Thorn, as the city is known for being particularly lawless.