The Good Council were a powerful group of wizards who founded the city of Olympus in the land of Olympia. The original council members were Rary, Bigby, Mordenkainen, Otto, Nystul.

History Edit

The council originally formed when Rary, Bigby, Mordenkainen, Otto and Nystil were forced to flee the lands of Lee during the Wizard Purges.

The good council ruled over Olympus for many years, eventually expanding the city’s influence to include the frozen lands around their mountain city. They called these lands Olympia. A few years later they allowed three more wizards to join the council as their territories grew. Leomund, Otiluke and Vecna. These three wizards seemed to fit in well until, after nearly thirty years, Vecna went missing without a trace. Accusations began flying and soon Leomund, Mordenkainen, Rary and Otiluke left the city. The remaining wizards continued to rule Olympia until their eventual deaths.

From this point the council continued to rule the city. Around the year 431, civil war broke out in Olympus, and the council disbanded, replaced by the current arrangement.