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The Disk is a vast circular, relatively flat disk of earth, bedrock, etc. It has a radius of roughly 14,000 kilometers. The climate varies depending on your distance from the centre. At the rim, where the sun orbits the closest, the disk is much warmer. Closer to the middle, the temperatures fall, reaching levels comparable to earth's Antarctica.


Among the sentient species living on the disk are:

  • Humans
  • Dwarves
  • Elves
  • Gnomes
  • Halflings
  • Orcs
  • Ogres
  • Goblins


The disk is composed of one large supercontinent, as well as three smaller continents. At the circle's centre is a cold antarctic region, while mointains have a tendancy to crop up in many places. On the northern and southern edges of the disk, caused mainly by the positioning of mountains along the path of the Rimwind, are three large deserts (although two of them are in fact the same desert):

The Mysterium, and the Blackheart Desert/Goldheart Desert

There are two oceans on the disk:

The Western Ocean and the Northern Ocean.

Going beyond the primary disk, the world is supported on the back of four super-giant elephants, which in turn rest on the backs of a gigantic World Turtle, which swims through the endless ocean of space.

Political DivisionsEdit

The SupercontinentEdit

The supercontinent is divided politically among several races including Humans, Orcs, Ogres, Goblins, and Halflings.

The following nations are widely recognized as major powers:


A human territory that split from the Beladathi Empire many years ago. Notoriously lawless.


Halfling Lands. Mostly rural, with only a single city that borders oth Juteland and the Beladathi Empire.

Beladathi Empire

Massive human empire spanning thousands of miles. Began as an amalgomation of several smaller empires brought together during the Fire Crusade.

Former Marble Kingdom

Once a great kingdom, the Marble Kingdom was overthrown by Thrallgore, the Warlord king of Krod. The land is now the site of a prolongued war beween various tribes of Ogres and Orcs for control of the land.

The Grand Planes

The Grand Planes is a lawless outback of tribal horse riders, both human, halfling, and orc. Ogres tribes are also known to inhabit the more forested and hilly regions.


A hostile and outlandish territory ruled by two large armies of orcs maintaining a tense alliance. Home to slavery, specator combat, and all manner of other terrible atrocities.

Goldheart Desert

Goldheart Desert is a hot, barren desert, kept prosperous by its position along several important trade routes. Primarily a human terriroty, it is common to find many different races in Goldheart.

Blackheart Desert

Wild, untamed land. Few people, if any, live here, mainly due to the lack of water, but also the roving desert monsters and extreme heat.


Goblin territories. Hostile to most outsiders, the goblins of Naychuck are some of the best archers and hunters in the world. Many attempts have been made to overthrow the goblins, but so far none have worked.


A mysterious and barren, icy land. The only settlement here, other than giants and terrible monsters, is a single city populated by most of the world's magi. Most travellers are denied entry.

Northern ContinentEdit


Called a raw magic plane, much of the world's wild magic tends to collect here, creating bizarre and unforseen effects. Rumors of massive dangerous creatures and deadly enemies keep most people away.


Dwarven Lands. It may actually be one continuious city, although it is difficult to say for sure, since most of it is underground, and dwarven cartographers are extremely mysterious. Strongback is where some of the world's finest weapons and armor originate.

Western ContinentsEdit


The land of sheershire is primarily populated by Humans, although the three kingdoms are welcoming of other races. Also known as the home of The Trunked The land is unified, and generally peaceful.


Gnome lands. Famed for their art and culture, the gnomes are famous for building massive towers, and supplimenting the natural beauty of the land with illusion magic to create wonderous vistas and beautiful gardens.


Sometimes called the Great Elven Forest. Most of the country is one massive forest. It is home to some of the world's best mages outside of Olympia.

The Wild

Little is known about this island, except that none who venture there ever return.

Calender Edit

The Disk uses a standardized 400 day calender, which is outlined in detail here.