Defying all explanations, the carved came about roughly 15 years ago as a result of the practice of Trunking in the city of Hornfallow. A carved is created when two people who have been trunked as children come of age and have children of their own. The resulting child is fundamentally different from its parents, and many believe they constitute the birth of an entirely new race on The Disk. Unlike the Trunked, the Carved are born with a wooden skeleton, and are visibly distinct from any other race, including The Trunked. Despite much study by both mages and clergy, none have managed to explain why the carved exist.


The carved are humanoid in appearance, although with heavily textured skin, as if it is made from bark. Instead of hair, they grow thin wispy plant matter in its place. They have long razor sharp fingernails, formed from dark black wood. A Carved's eyes are always green or yellow. Despite their unusual bodies, they are capable of wielding normal weapons and armor without any penalties as their bodies are still roughly the same shape as that of a human.

They are shorter than humans on average, with men standing at 4'7" on average, and women at around 4'5". Beyond slight differences in height, the Carved are not sexually dimorphic - Men and Women appear to be roughly the same, and only a member of the species (and perhaps some druids or rangers) can identify the gender of a Carved at a glance. Carved weigh 1/2 as much as a human of the same size.

While many carved choose to live in isolation, usually in forests, those who remain in populated areas typically adopt the common fashions of that area.

Carved as Characters

Carved gain the following traits:

  • Vulnerability to fire
  • Damage reduction 2/slashing.
  • +2 dexterity
  • -2 charisma
  • Speed: 30
  • +4 racial bonus to swim checks
  • +6 racial bonus to hide in areas with dense foliage
  • A Carved can hold its breath twice as long as normal due to their unique respiratory system.
  • Sunlight Dependency: A Carved must spend a minimum of two hours each day exposed to true sunlight or become fatigued until they meet this need +1d4 hours afterwards.
  • Immunity to Sleep: A Carved does not sleep in the same manner as other races. Instead they must spend at least 6 hours in a trance-like meditation, during which their body burns the energy gained through photosynthesis during the day.
  • Resistance to Disease: The Carved have a fundamentally different physiology from other humanoid races. Because of this, there is a 50% chance that any given disease will simply not affect them. They must, however, be careful when approaching areas where blight or other disease-related crop failures have occurred, since all plant-borne diseases (as well as plant-parasite infestations) have a 50% chance of affecting them as well.
  • Special Dietary Requirements: A Carved must consume a mix of plant matter and mineral-rich soil in place of normal food. This material does not expire, and is available for free in most areas. It may be packed into rations equal in size to the human equivalent for a price of 4 cp each. The carved still require water daily and suffer the usual penalties for dehydration.
  • Special Spell Interactions: Spells that reshape wood, when used on a carved, always allow a fortitude save to resist their effects. Spells that reshape or warp wood instead deal constitution damage to the Carved equal to 1d6 con per level of the spell. For example, the second level spell "Warp Wood" deals 2d6 constitution damage. This damage recovers at the normal rate.
  • Natural Weapon: Claw (1d6 damage+poison, x2 crit). The fingernails of a Carved are razor sharp and should be treated as natural weapons. All carved are proficient with the use of their claws.
  • Poison: A Carved's fingernails naturally extrude a minor sedative that dulls the senses of those struck by a claw attack. Fort save DC 13. initial: 1d4 int, secondary 1d4 wisdom.