The space between mirrors is a strange and very dangerous realm. Technically it is part of the material world, although it has some distinct differences, the most important one being that in the mirror space the distinction between the physical and the spiritual realm tend to blur. Souls are not always bound within a body, and may manifest their own physical forms. Rumors abound about people who have abandoned the physical world to inhabit the mirror space, although these are almost conspicuously unverified.

Known Inhabitants Edit

There are several creatures inhabiting the mirrorspace, including the wizard Rary, the wizard Fruster Hawklight, a strange soul-stealing entity (or possibly a whole race of them), and The Lost Elves. Finally, the roaming souls of many people (mainly humanoid, but also several animals) can be seen aimlessly roaming the countryside.

Additionally, many animal species can be found in the Mirror Space. These animals are all conspicuously coloured white, and emit a faint glow, although they seem to be otherwise normal.

Landscape Edit

The landscape of the mirrorspace roughly parallels that of The Disk, but with significant differences. Most plants, including trees and bushes, are made from clear white crystals, massive skulls chained to the ground dot the landscape, and a great field of mirrors allow the inhabitants of the space between mirrors to look out at the material plane.

The Fortress of Soulitude Edit

This fortress is home to The Lost Elves, who moved into it only one generation ago. They claim to have found the castle abandoned. Each brick and timber, and all the furnishings of the fortress are created from twisted and reshaped souls. Spending any amount of time in the fortress is decidedly unsettling. It is unknown who built the fortress, or why it was built from souls rather than another material.

The fortress hums dully with a high-pitched squeal. Placing your ear to any one of the bricks in the fortress reveals that each and every soul is screaming in agony.

Field of Mirrors Edit

Across the world of the Mirror Space, great fields of mirrors can occasionally be seen. Each of these mirrors seems to look out into the physical realm, and rumor has it that in the right conditions, souls can be pulled through the mirrors and begin wandering the Mirror Space. These fields can be as small as a few dozen mirrors spaced about three feet apart in a square, while some of the larger fields contain hundreds of mirrors.

Soulstorms Edit

Soulstorms occur when the hordes of wandering souls merge together into a massive entity. These swarms of souls will travel across the land of the mirrorspace, desperately searching for living bodies to inhabit, although more often than not, the bodies are destroyed as the souls fight for possession. This is the primary reason that The Lost Elves remain in the fortress of Soulitude.

The Pits of Despair Edit

The pits of despair, located far to the north of the Fortress of Soulitude, are a series of hundreds of stone pits dug into the ground, each too deep to see the bottom. From the depths of each pit can be heard screams, crying, and calls for help. The lands around the pits of despair are remarkably fertile.

The Lake of Flayed Thoughts Edit

The lake of flayed thoughts is a strange and dangerous place where the souls of Illithids converge in caverns beneath the water. Located in the centre of the lake is a great adamantine tower.

The Adamantine Tower Edit

Little is known about this tower, other than the fact that it stands nearly five hundred feet tall. Balls of orange light occasionally streak out from the top and fly across the horizon until they're out of sight.