Little is known by outsiders about the city of Olympus. It rests at the summit of the highest peak in Olympia.

History Edit

The city of Olympia was founded following The Wizard Purges when five wizards fled from the lands of Lee to avoid persecution. The wizards formed The Good Council and founded the city of Olympus, high on mount Olympus. The city quickly expanded as more wizards joined their ranks, and eventually the frozen lands surrounding Olympus became known as the country of Olympia, despite the fact that almost nobody lives there.

Civil War Edit

The city was ruled by The Good Council for several hundred years, until in 431 a schism in the council prompted the citizens to demand change. War broke out three times over the next twenty years as rival factions vied for power, until eventually an agreement was reached. The three most powerful wizard colleges collaborated in order to summon and bind a powerful angel to the city. The Archangel Uriel agreed to govern the city fairly, without bias.

Politics Edit

The city is ruled by the Archangel Uriel, who governs at the behest of the three most powerful wizard colleges (known as the Trinarium)—the Shining Artificers, the Mighty Evokers, and the Central Institute.

The basic structure of government balances the powers of Uriel against the Trinarium. Uriel has total dictatorial control over the city, while the Trinarium retain a power of Veto over his decisions, although this veto condition requires that all three colleges vote against Uriel's decision for a ruling to be stopped.

Law and Culture Edit

The city is home to the greatest artificers on the disk. Security is maintained by employing The Silencers. An army of monks who never speak, and employ zone of silence spells in order to move around undetected, and to disable spellcasters.