The mage wars began approximately 50 years ago, in the year 1016. They raged for nearly forty-five years, and some people fear that they may begin again. Most of the battle took place in the skies, through great fleets of airships, magical beasts, and deadly spells streaking across the heavens.

In the city of Olympia, most believe the wars to have been between two rival factions of mages, although due to the secrecy of such mage orders, nobody is truly sure who won, or even who the sides were. Most people are far more familiar with the results, than with the war itself, as for decades, ships would come crashing down out of the skies, rogue fireballs would set forests alight, and, most recently, great holes have opened up in the sky. Now rumors abound that demons have begun to emerge from these holes and have been stalking the countryside, killing those who stray too far from populated areas.