The city of Hornfallow lies in the north of Sheershire. Since the quiet rebellion of 644 the city has been ruled over by House Harrowdragon as part of the larger nation of Sheershire. The current ruler of the city is Liege Lord Maximillion Harrowdragon. In recent years the city has become known as the home of The Trunked, alhough the city's population remains nearly 45% human, 40% Trunked, and 10% Carved. The remaining 5% is made up of a mishmash of the world's main races, including Orcs, Halflings, Elves, Gnomes Ogres, and Dwarves.


The city is mainly divided between the Poor Quarter and the Inner City.

Poor Quarter

The Poor Quarter, also known as the Grotto, is home to the city's "Untrunked," those citizens who haven't undergone the process of Trunking. This area is generally poor, with few shops, and only one inn "The Untrunked Tavern," owned by Thrope, brother of the adventurer Autolycus, although he does not live in the Poor Quarter himself.

Inner City

The Inner City is further divided into four main districts, and walled off from the Poor Quarter. It contains many checkpoints, all of which are guarded by Calcium Golems. Only Trunked and Carved citizens are allowed to enter the inner city.


The residential district is home to most of the city's Trunked Citizens, and surrounds the market district. Houses here are typically painted white, with wooden trim. Most are one or two stories, although in the wealthier areas they might be much larger.

Market District

The Market District is home to many shops, as well as the city's finest Inns and Taverns.

Civic District

This district houses the city's official buildings, including the watch house, court house, the Trunkiary, Town Hall, and the palace.

Street of Large Gods

The Street of Large Gods is home to temples for each of the main dieties, as well as some shrines to less popular ones.

Ancient Sewers

The sewers in the city of Hornfallow were built using the remains of a long buried city, of unknown origin. They have been known to contain bizarre magical traps, powerful artifacts, and dangerous creatures that lurk in the dark passageways. The sewers have also been known to house criminals, as well as small tribes of feral Kobolds.

In 1066 Autolycus, Mugthar, and Sysysphus ventured into the sewers while chasing a thief known as The Red Bandit. During this adventure, they stumbled into a terrorist plot hatched by the druid Balestus and a small cult of kobold followers.

Laws and Culture

The city of Hornfallow keeps strict order, and crime is minimal here. This is mainly due to the constant efforts of the city's Calcium Golems, which patrol the streets at all hours to keep order. The inner city contains checkpoints at each gate (between the Poor Quarter and Inner City, as well as between the four main districts). "Untrunked" citizens may not enter the inner city for any reason, as per the decree of Lord Maximillion Harrowdragon. Trunked citizens are given full legal rights, including the right to fair trial and the right to bare arms within the city limits. Additionally, Trunked citizens are given the right to vote in all municipal elections. The Carved, a new addition to the city's populace, have been surprisingly well received by the public despite being a naturally solitary race.

The citizens of Hornfallow hold several holidays each year, including Trunking Day, Dinoysia, Comet's Eve, Stoning Night, and the Planting Festival.

Holiday Name Date Description
Trunking Day The anniversary of the first official Trunking. Festivities include a public dance, drinking of brown ale to symbolize putting wood into your body, and a parade of the Calcium Golems.
Dionysia A festival for the god Dionysus, held during winter months to celebrate the onset of the new year.
Comet's Eve A two day holiday. It is traditional to fast for two days before Bethan's Comet arrives. On the evening when the comet can first be sighted, an evening feast is traditionally held, ending the fast.
Stoning Night A brutal holiday during which criminals are executed.
The Planting Festival A four day event during which each citizen, young and old, travel outside of the city and plant a tree, in order to maintain the production of lumber necessary to supply the city's bones.