A great mating is an incredible celestial event that occurs when the World Turtle meets another World Turtle, and mates with it. This event happens only every few thousand years. The last time it occurred also marked the start of the common Calender.

The Event Edit

In the sky, people begin to see something moving closer. Eventually the entire sky is filled with turtle. Once the turtles have found the correct alignment they rotate to face one another, and they begin to mate. Presumably one turtle is female, and the other is male, although it is difficult to know for certain which is which. To this date, The Disk's turtle has never laid any eggs.

During the mating period The Disk undergoes several noticeable seismic events, including earthquakes, tsunami, and magical storms caused by the magical fields surrounding both turtles interacting. Little else is known as it has been over a thousand years since the last mating.