Goldheart Oasis is a city in the middle of the vast Goldheart Desert. Centuries old, the city encircles a mountain, the streets spiraling around it toward the palace at the top. Rather than a king, though, the city is controlled by the enormous brass dragon Akhekhu.

Politics Edit

There is a strict division of wealth in the city. The city is sustained by a magical river that flows down from the top of goldheart. The water is always clean, and has flowed tirelessly since the dragon arrived in the city over seven hundred years prior. The city exists as the main trade hub between six neighboring countries, and while they have tried in the past to conquer it and gain dominance over the region, none have ever succeeded.

Layout Edit

The mountain itself is riddled with tunnels, plumbing, and an extremely complicated sewer system. Around the city, for a few kilometers, orchards grow exotic fruits, fueled by the water that pours out of the city. Small aqua-ducts supply nearby villages as well.

Beneath the city exists a labyrinthlabyrinthe of sewers and many of the more criminal elements. Adventurers seldom see the upper levels of the city. The aristocracy inhabit the upper levels of Goldheart, while the less wealthy live in the more crowded lower levels.

Notable Locations Edit

The Orange Grove TavernEdit

This tavern is frequented by adventures, and those looking to hire them. People come here for a million reasons, and leave for a million others.

The Broken DrumEdit

A tavern of ill repute. Many criminal elements spend their time here. Bar fights are common, and as a result, they employ trolls as bouncers. Sometimes adventurers come here to look for work, but more often, they come looking for people or information, which they can usually get, for a price. You can't beat it.

Smitty's SmittyEdit

If you need things that can kill other things, visit Smitty. This old dwarf is firm on price, but his wares are plentiful and the price is fair. They don't all look pretty, but every weapon he sells is made for use, and not as decoration. As far as equipping upstart adventurers goes, there is no better option.

Lucius Magicarnum's Wands Et Al.Edit

Your one stop shop for all things magical. Other more specialized shops do exist, but Lucius' employes more than 20 wizard artificers, and have an enormous variety of magical adventuring gear.


Shop sells goods. It sells almost anything non-magical. Bags, Lamps, Ropes, Tents, and anything else an adventurer could need. They have more selection than every other outfitter in town combined, and they only sell to adventurers. Shop is run by an extremely shrewd Orc named Grothor, and despite there being no security of any kind beyond Grothor himself, nobody has ever tried to steal from Shop.