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The city of Crixus is a sprawling metropolis in Sheershire, ruled by Liege Lord Charles Saltmallow, of House Saltmallow. Historically the city commands a vast fleet of airships, made possible by the Rimwind which intersects with the city, allowing them to trade quickly and easily with distant cities, bringing in vast cargoes of exotic goods. While not official, the city is considered by most to be the unofficial capitol of Sheershire, mainly due to its size, the sheer amount of wealth in the city, and the central location.

Layout Edit

The city is sprawling and massive, with multiple market areas, residences stacked atop one another, and even bridges crossing rooftops.

Notable Locations Edit

Grandsheer Palace

A vast palace carved from marble and granite. The palace is actually a large complex that houses all the city's civic buildings, as well as a barracks from which the Righteous Immortals operate.