Autolycus is a rogue. He was born in the third month of the year 941. In the year 966, at age 25, he left his hometown of Hornfallow. The events that followed are unknown, but 100 years later, in the year 1066, he found himself trapped in a dungeon north of the city next to two other adventurers: Mugthar, and Sysysphus.

Autolycus has one living relative, a Trunked named Thrope.

Personality Edit

He considers himself a man of charm and style. Arrogant of his abilities, but still plans and takes precautions. He tries to be as generous as he can, a redistributer of wealth and power. considers them fools. An inquisitive man, who also likes the challenge of a rogues life. He's not a fan of killing simply for believing its more impressive to do his work without a trace, unless he wants to leave one. If caught, he's capable of taking lives.

Background Edit

Born into a poor family, the felt compelled to theft. Fancies himself a pro, an artist, a mercenary. He'll also sell advice on preventative theft measures. Nate hates the feudal system and wants to see it changed. Sees so much injustice and not enough proof to believe in gods. Not a fan of direct combat. Learned on his own, had some talent and was taught by some other rogues. Disagreements with his small guild led to a parting of ways. Considers politics in his future. Has a young brother and sister. Father killed by giant scorpion. He does his best to send support to the family. Interested in mechanics. Born in Hornfallow, in Sheershire. It's a pleasant city, ruled over by the Harrowdragon Family since the kingdom was established. the year is 1066, its been 100 years since i've been in it. Brother lives.